At START, we have increased our focus on preventative adolescent care to reduce recidivism and give young people every chance at a bright future. With juveniles as young as nine and up to 20 detained in New York City juvenile detention centers, there is a broad swath of care required to teach them how to manage their mental health symptoms, their behavior, their relationships and their ability to function academically, socially and recreationally.

We are contracted by the New York City Administration for Children Services, Division of Youth and Family Justice, to provide mental health screenings and individual and group counseling to youth in two secure detention facilities - one in The Bronx serving Bronx and Manhattan youth and the other Brooklyn serving Queens, Brooklyn and Staten Island youth. We also provide services at 14 non-secure settings throughout New York City.

Those in need of service are seen by Masters-level clinicians for individual counseling and treated with:  cognitive and dialectical behavioral or solution focused therapies; social skills training; and anger management. If necessary, a referral to a psychiatrist for evaluation and medication management is prescribed.

In addition, those not identified as needing mental health services receive group counseling on topics such as:  stress management; decision making; violence awareness; substance use; and education, grief, depression and loss management.

Adolescent Mental Health Program:
Annie John LCSW-R, Program Director
Phone at Crossroads: 718.240.3994
Phone at Horizon: 718.401.3125

Crossroads Juvenile Center
17 Bristol Street
Brooklyn, NY 11212

Horizon Juvenile Center
560 Brook Avenue
Bronx, NY 10465
Contact: Mental Health Supervisor Kim Weiderhold, MSW
Phone 718.401.3084