Our Research

We could use standardized treatments and medications for our patients, just like most centers in our industry, but how would we become better providers? Because we are interested in the most effective recovery possible for our patients, we want to always seek a better solution.

We believe that research is fundamental to identifying the clinical questions of today and to answering them in a scientifically responsible manner in order to improve our patient-centered care and clinical outcomes.

To accomplish this ambitious objective, we use five criteria that govern what research we will undertake:

  1. Must answer an important scientific question.
  2. Must have relevance to clinical care.
  3. Must be able to implement without disruptions to clinical care.
  4. Must provide sustainable learning opportunities for staff and patients when completed.
  5. Must meet all costs incurred by START to participate in the research.

START has completed research on everything from behavioral issues, i.e. the impact of various counseling techniques, to biomedical topics, i.e. the impact of various medications. The research design varies based on the research question and, sometimes, on the criteria set by the city, state, federal or private industry granting organization.

The products of our research include oral or poster presentations and articles published in peer-reviewed professional journals. Our staff has authored or co-authored numerous scientific presentations or publications from the 1970s to the present. Conducting this level of research distinguishes START as one of the nation’s leading investigators outside of a university or college setting.