Institutional Review Board

START's conduct regarding biomedical and behavioral research is, foremost, ethical and thoroughly vetted for patient confidentiality and safety.

This is why we have formed our own Institutional Review Board (IRB) comprised of clinical and behavioral experts who inform patients of their rights, who may discuss the scientific integrity of the research protocol, and who approve consent forms.

Our patients also serve on the IRB and play an important role in reviewing the merits of our research projects to protect the rights and safety of those who participate in any studies conducted by the agency. The IRB meets these obligations by insuring that all patients are informed about the purposes of the research along with the benefits and risks associated with their participation.

IRB Members

Current members of the IRB are:

  • Fadila Gathers, MPH (Chair)
  • Joyce Hall, MPH
  • Brian Gilchrist, PhD, MPH
  • Jemima Frimpong, PhD
  • Steven Kritz, MD
  • Marguerite D. Cordice, Esq.
  • George Jones (Patient)
  • Michael Wyckoff (Patient)
  • Sharon Hayward (Patient)