Lawrence S. Brown, Jr., MD, MPH, DFASAM; Steven Kritz, MD

PCORI Workshop (Buffalo, NY)

Talal AH, Andrews P, McLeod A, Chen Y, Sylvester C, Markatou M, Brown LS

American Association for the Study of Liver Diseases (Washington, DC)


Aims: To demonstrate that HCV core antigen can be a reliable means of diagnosing HCV infection in populations that are difficult to engage.

Methods: Levels of HCV core Ag from 109 patients were compared to HCV RNA levels Assay agreement and associations between baseline predictors were investigated using linear regression.

Talal AH, Andrews P, McLeod A, Chen Y,Markatou M, Sylvester C, Brown LS

NIDA Clinical Trials Network Steering Committee (Bethesda, MD), American Society of Addiction Medicine (New Orleans, LA)


Talal AH, Andrews, P, McLeod A, Zeremski M, Chen Y,Markatou M, Sylvester C, Brown LS, Kritz S.
American Public Health Association (Denver, CO)


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