Dr. Lawrence Brown, Jr. Receives Progress Report on the NYS Public Health & Health Planning Council's Prevention Agenda

New York, NY - Streaming out of both local and national debates concerning what the future model of health care should look like, the New York State Public Health and Health Planning Council (NYS PHHPC) conducted a meeting on January 29, 2015 to air an implementation progress report on the state's "Prevention Agenda". In short, the prevention agenda for health care addresses the increasing emphasis on prevention (wellness) as opposed to what many argue has been a traditional focus on treating illness/disease, with the latter resulting in both out of control costs and mediocre patient outcomes. After hearing the Ad Hoc Committee's progress report, Dr. Lawrence S. Brown, Jr., who is the Chief Executive Officer of START Treatment  & Recovery Centers and a member of the NYS PHHPC, directed attention to an opportunity for more universities and colleges to be more involved in helping to shape the prevention agenda.

The report shared important details on the percentage of local health departments (LHDs) and hospitals that reported on at least one intervention, by priority area, as of December 2014. As an example, 96.2% of LHDs intervened on preventing chronic diseases and 95.7% of hospitals also reported as having intervened on this health issue. Another important indicator revealed in the progress report was that 43.3% of LHDs and 28.2% of hospitals, respectively, made interventions to promote mental health and prevent substance abuse.

As the leading independent medication-assisted treatment (MAT), behavioral health and youth mental health organization in the U.S., the non-profit START Treatment & Recovery Centers (START) organization is distinguished by authoring clinical research and applying evidence-based clinical practices to enhance patient care. "START has invested in expanding its continuous quality improvement process; therefore, our organization is poised to expand its focus on prevention." stated Dr. Brown after the meeting. 

With over four decades of effective experience as the pioneer in integrating primary care, medication-assisted treatment and behavioral health services, it's not surprising that START's CEO would offer insightful analysis and leadership to this mission critical debate.