When we say that we provide holistic care at START, we mean that we provide care for the "whole" person under one roof - not just medication.

Learning how to change one's habits and outlook during and after treatment is as critical as any medication that can be dispensed. Recovery often requires an entire lifestyle change, and we are here to help make that transition a positive one.

Behavioral services at each clinic include:

  • individual counseling and case management
  • vocational/educational services and placement
  • adult basic education
  • HIV/AIDS and health education seminars and testing
  • life skills training
  • mental health services
  • on-site Narcotics Anonymous and other self-help groups
  • orientation sessions
  • specialized counseling groups

All therapists are clinical social workers who provide counseling to individuals and groups, and a psychiatrist evaluates every patient and prescribes medication if needed.

  • Individual: Individual counseling focuses on each patient’s issues relating to opioid dependency including co-addictions, such as alcohol and tobacco, and barriers to achieving a fully functional and productive life.
  • Group: Patients with similar rehabilitative needs gather to discuss daily living challenges or to participate in group activities. Additional information is provided for those interested in further self-help recovery resources such as Narcotics Anonymous (NA), Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and; Methadone Anonymous (MA).
  • Family: On-site family and collateral counseling is available for those enrolled at the clinic if they meet the criteria for opioid dependency or for those who are not opioid dependent but, with the patient’s consent, want to participate in scheduled family counseling.

Specialty Outpatient Options

  • Express Short-term Detoxification: The Express program is a short-term (21–180 day) detoxification program for those with opioid addiction, including heroin and prescription painkillers, who have used for a short period of time and who do not meet the criteria for long-term maintenance.
  • REACH: This program treats patients who have any substance use disorder and a co-existing mental illness with individual and group counseling plus psychiatric services if necessary.

We assess each patient's vocational strengths and abilities, then help them to create career goals that they can attain with the help of various city and state agencies. START offers everything from computer to horticulture classes plus career fairs featuring local companies. Patients also receive assistance with job development and placement opportunities.

All of our services are all provided by licensed and certified professionals including:  doctors and nurses; counselors; health resource coordinators; and case managers.