START's 2018 PAC Holiday Party

START's 2018 PAC Holiday Party






                On Friday, December 7, START celebrated its annual Patient Advisory Committee (PAC) Holiday Party!

                Among the traditions we have here at START, the ones which take place during the holidays are without a doubt among our favorites! In addition to the Annual START Holiday Toy Drive, each year we collaborate with the PAC to throw this celebration, and this year’s was another in a long line of wonderful evenings.

                The night featured plenty of highlights: there was a catered dinner; a live DJ and dancefloor; exciting door prizes; a DIY photobooth; and plenty of delicious non-alcoholic refreshments! One of the reasons we love this event so much is that we get to treat our patients in such a fun way and let them know that we appreciate how hard they work to maintain their health and recovery. After all, it takes all of us working together as a team to achieve the recovery and outcomes START has become known for.

                And of course, it’s wonderful seeing our patients outside of the clinical setting, getting to relax and enjoy themselves. Celebrations like this are what set START apart, not just because of the benefit to patients, but because it also serves as a beautiful reminder to staff—who volunteer to help run the event—of why we work at START and do what we do. (And if you’d like to join our team, we’re hiring at

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