START's Community Film Night A Great Success!

START's Community Film Night A Great Success!



On Tuesday, April 10, START hosted a Community Film Night at the Brooklyn Public Library’s Clinton Hill branch. Designed to encourage a conversation around the Opioid Epidemic and how it’s affecting us here in New York, and in the country as a whole, the event was a great success!

The night began with a screening of the Academy-award nominated documentary Heroin(e), which centers around a group of women working to stem the tide of the epidemic in a small West Virginia town. Throughout the screening, the whole room would at times nod in unison in support of one of these women, and a few moments later, be shaking their heads, as more and more of the realities of this epidemic were laid bare.

Once the movie finished, we moved to the panel discussion portion of the evening. Here, we were thrilled to feature our CEO, Dr. Lawrence S. Brown, Jr., who spoke about the epidemic as a whole and START’s efforts to push back against it. Next, Mr. George Jones, the President of the Fort Greene Patient Advisory Committee, spoke about his experience with substance use and with START.

After each spoke, we opened the floor for community members to ask questions of our panelists. There ended up being a great discussion with a number of community members who were concerned about the epidemic and eager to learn more. We were impressed with both the level of engagement from our community members and the number of concerned citizens, including a pair of NYPD Community Resource Officers, with whom we look forward to engaging for years to come!

Thank you to everyone who attended and made this event possible. As START’s impact on this epidemic continues to grow, we will need to be more and more involved with, and supported by our communities. We look at this as another step in that direction. Rest assured, we will continue to be active and provide ways for our community to continue to learn and grow along with us!